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Are you looking for FREE study materials for
your youth group or Sunday school class?

This site is helpful for everyone—not just youth! Click on the links above to access study materials for:

  • parents (family devotions)
  • young people (personal devotions)
  • Sunday school teachers
  • Bible School helpers
  • youth leaders

Feel free to use these items to further your work for the Lord! is maintained by the Church of God at God's Acres and dedicated to inspiring Christian youth around the world in their walk with Christ.

If this is your first time here, you'll find a number of resources that will help you expand your knowledge of the Scriptures, gain wisdom, and help you draw closer to God. If you attend our local congregation, you'll also benefit from the calendar of events and enjoy browsing current photos and multimedia presentations as they become available.

It is our prayer that you will use these resources for the glory of God and the furtherance of His kingdom.

Christian young people
have lots of fun!

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